Triplex Pumps are extremely dependable, heavy-duty pumps designed to serve as high pressure sources of hydraulic power for many types of hydraulic systems. Kobe Triplex Pumps are particularly adapted for severe service involving frequent hydraulic shocks in the system, high temperatures, and a variety of hydraulic fluids. They are plunger type pumps, for pressures up to 30,000 psi, and for displacements up to 200 gpm.

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There are three basic sizes (Size 2, Size 3, and Size 4) with several modifications available for each. Features of all sizes include vertical design, automotive type crankcase, spring-loaded ball type valves with splash lubrication, an optional scavenging pump to return plunger leakage to the system, integral driven lube pump for forced crosshead lubrication,and built-in reduction gears. Units are available with integral motor drive or with external drive shaft for separate coupling drive.

Chrome-plated steel plungers – lap fitted to liners centrifugally cast of high-grade alloy iron – eliminate the use of packing. Packed pumps are available for gritty or abrasive fluid applications as well as methanol injection. Plungers and liners are interchangeable, as assemblies, to meet a wide range of pressure and volume requirements. The Kobe Triplex is a complete, self-contained unit and the most
compact high pressure triplex pump on the market today.

Easily Installed and Maintained

There are no alignment problems involved in installing a Kobe Pump; no
special mounting base is necessary – four hold-down bolts are
sufficient. Compactness save valuable floor space. One man can easily
service the unit, and replacements are no problem. The tall spacer
block provides easy access and Kobe outer sleeves, connectors, and
clamps are easily reached and changed . The unobstructed hand-hole
openings allow ease in changing of plungers and liners as well as safe
observation of leakage during service.

Maximum Safety

The Kobe Triplex has no exposed moving parts: no gears, plungers, or
tie-rods requiring screens or guard rails. Most units have a built-in
relief valve to prevent over-pressuring the system.

Integral Electric Drive is Optional

Kobe triplex Pumps are available with an integral motor drive, or with
a stub shaft for separate drive. Motors are 230/460 volt, three phase,
induction type, operating at 1800 rpm. Base plated packages and
special orientations are provided as customer requirements dictate.
Special drives, motor voltage requirements , and control panels may
also be sourced from Kobe.

Horizontal Mounting Available

The Kobe Triplex is a vertical design but for special requirements may
be offered in a horizontal mounted position. There are hundreds of
horizontal mount Kobe pumps operating for decades in the oilfield.

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Isostatic Compaction
Oil & Gas
General Industrial Hydraulic Systems

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